MoE Organizes Various Activities in Innovation Month

In cooperation with “Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation” during the Innovation Month, the Ministry of Education (MoE) is organizing various activities in the Expo, from 11 to 16 February. This is in line with the wise leadership’s directions to support innovation, achieve sustainable development, and harness the potentials, capabilities, and scientific foundations to achieve UAE’s excellence in the areas of leadership and innovation.

The MoE has organized over the past few years the National Science, Technology, and Innovation Festival, as part of the activities of the Innovation Month. The Festival will be organized this year in the beginning of March, as students are currently working on developing their innovative, scientific projects, which have qualified for participation in this year’s edition. A press conference will also be held to share the updates for this year’s edition, the development initiatives, and the expected number of participants from students and other categories.

The activities that will be held in the Expo include a workshop on the Innovation and Future of Appraisal in the World, which will review the innovations in the national contests and the latest global appraisal innovations that will change the face of appraisal. Collaborative innovation sessions will also be held to engage the public and beneficiaries of the existing initiatives of the MoE in devising innovative plans to enhance and develop such initiatives and boost their effect in the coming years.

Another activity will be organizing the UAE’s Innovation Council, which will include holding a series of seminars on academic research in the critical areas, which are regarded as national priority, in particular science and technology. A session will be held and will include an interactive, dialogue platform for academic researchers, who are leading significant innovative projects. The session will focus on theoretical and marketing innovation, success stories from a research-related perspective, and raising the awareness on the level of research at the UAE’s universities and research and development institutions.

HE Dr. Amna Al-Dhahak Al-Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for Care & Capacity Building Sector, Director of Innovation at the MoE, said that innovation activities reflected the vision of the wise leadership of making innovation the purpose and basis for development, nurturing the human resources, and providing them with all the capacities that would help them develop themselves and serve their country. She added that this would help achieve development, prosperity, and leadership, based on scientific enablers.

HE stressed that the MoE was keen, by organizing innovation events, on reviewing innovative projects and boosting innovation. She said that this would eventually instill innovation a in the thought and culture of the community and qulaify the Emirati citizens, whom she said were the real investment if we wanted to achieve the desired renaissance and maintain the gains and our values on the path to success and excellence. She pointed out that innovation was part of the national strategies that would provide the state sectors with the tools of sustainability.

She said that innovation was a basic factor in the comprehensive development and a real pillar to establish it, particularly in the education sector, which she said was the real criteria to evaluate the progress of countries. She added that the MoE was keen on harnessing all the capabilities to activate innovation methods and trigger initiatives related to it.

HE Dr. Amna Al-Shamsi pointed out that technology was used to serve and develop the education system and instill the concept of innovation in the students’ minds. She added that the MoE urged the students to be creative, participate positively in the promotion of the national development and prosperity process in the various areas, and direct their innovative energies to make great achievements in the fields of science, technology, and innovation, in order to realize the UAE Centennial 2071.