MoE Showcases 20 Photographs in Xposure

The Ministry of Education (MoE) is taking part in the 6th edition of the International Photography Festival (Xposure), which is organized by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau from 9 to 15 February in the Sharjah Expo Center. The MoE will showcase 20 photographs reflecting the science and knowledge of the students and educational and administrative staff of the education sector, in addition to the educational media team in the Department of Government Communication and Educational Media of the MoE. 

The MoE had participated in the festival for the first time last year with a wall of pictures of the students and 5 virtual workshops and achieved a remarkable success. A "photography" competition had also been organized for the students of both private and government schools, to choose the best photograph in the field of education.

The MoE aims by participating for the second time in (Exposure) to spread the best and most significant initiatives in different sectors, adopt the students' hobbies related to photography, and highlight creativity. The MoE also aims to boost strategic partnerships with the media bureaus of local governments, in line with its vision of promoting interest in talents and creators and polishing the students' talents in the fields of visual arts, according to the highest levels, to stimulate their creative energies.

HE Eng. Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al-Hammadi, MoE Undersecretary for Performance Improvement, said that the MoE was aiming to explore the inherent talents and capacities of the students and administrative and educational staff, support, and develop them. He added that this would have a positive effect on their personalities and abilities and enable them to be innovative and creative in all areas, through thoughtful plans and programs implemented all year long. He explained that this would enhance the literary, artistic, and creative skills, in line with the MoE's mission and vision for future generations. 

He said that the International Photography Festival (Xposure) was celebrating this kind of visual art by highlighting the works related to art, knowledge, beauty, cultures, and human experiences. He added that the festival also highlighted the inherent creativity and provided a platform to celebrate the art of photography, through the participation of the best photographers in the world and exploring the talents of amateurs. 

HE Al-Hammadi pointed out that the festival was receiving the utmost care and attention of the Government of Sharjah and established itself as the most significant photography event in the region and attracted the best photographers all over the world, who shared their experiences and knowledge to raise the awareness of visual arts.