In line with the vision of the United Arab Emirates for the future of tomorrow and raising and strengthening its position among the countries of the world to become the best country in the world by the centenary 2071.

With the Emirates Development Award, the Ministry of Education has sought to bring this vision to life in accordance with the best international practices, modern tools and methodologies. The award is also looking to be a starting point for improving the educational process and enriching the academic field with new experiences by sponsoring and empowering the right sectors and individuals. With the proper guidance, it can provide a proactive way for improving the quality of life for citizens and residents by keeping their happiness and well-being in check.

About the Award

The awards also target all educational institutions in the public and private sectors and their employees at the state level. The awards also adopt themes, criteria, principles, incentives and concepts of excellence for the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Excellence in Governmental Performance to ensure integration in achieving the national strategic vision of the United Arab Emirates.